Foreigners who have possession of Condotel Vietnam


In article 126 of the Housing law is regulated: for foreign individuals, a passport is valid and there is a check of the entry mark of the regulatory authority of Vietnam Immigration and entry and is not subject to privilege , diplomatic immunity in accordance with the Ordinance of privilege and exemption from the Agency

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How long is the ownership of Condotel?


According to the Housing Administration and the real estate market (Ministry of Construction), Condotel is a new type and there are no projects that are granted the right to use certificates (or pink windows), which are only for long-term ownership certification. However, the legal framework is currently being completed so that investors can expect to

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What is Condotel?


Condotel is an apartment model which combines the condominium and hotel. First appearing in the United States in the years 1980, this model proved to be superior strength when it was ideal to stay, it was just as outstanding to invest. In Vietnam, the market is no stranger to Condotel and practically proven success from Condotel investment is far superior to other investment channels. Investors will also set multi-factor weighing tables to be able to pick up a favourable product between the market that is blooming this type.

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